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Strategy/Brand Discovery &
Concept Development

Need a big idea? Have a big idea? Whichever the case, I can assist you in marketing your product, service, or event by creating laser-sharp messaging and cohesive branding that slays the competition and cuts through the noise. Don't let this process drive you coconuts! I can help!

Moving forward without a strategy is just coconuts! Together, we will create a Brand Exploratory Deck - Similar to a marketing plan (but more of a lite version) this document serves as a creative blueprint,  defining brand voice, positioning, audience personas, objectives, challenges, and uncovers a strong, differentiating USP. Through a fun, upbeat visual and message-based collective probe, we'll uncover your brand DNA. Final deliverable mood boards and examples of the competitive landscape. This can be done virtually too!

I can also take your group through a half-day Brand Discovery Session (which is an exercise that should be done every three years). Stay relevant, understand your market better, and plan actionable smart goals for the next 30 days and 30 months. I can facilitate a fun, interactive workshop where everyone's voice is heard.


Administered online or offline, a collaborative discovery session is an ideal activity for a Company Retreat or extended "Brown Bag Lunch." We'll dive into a mini S.W.O.T. activity and also personify your brand through many different prisms. Fun, real-time Kahoot survey game included.


What types of things typically result from a Brand Discover Session? Here are just a few:
naming, tagline, mission statement, elevator pitch, company objective and/or guiding principles,  brand personas, and unique selling proposition (USP). Additionally, the results of this exercise provide an amazing "track" upon which to run your ad concept "train". Looking to bolster company morale and every level? This is the way to do it!


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