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Social Media Management

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So interns are great, right? Right. But I'm always amazed at the sheer number of unpaid internships on Indeed aimed at students who looking to kill it in social media. Let's be honest. Social posting is a modern-day tactic rooted in journalism. And, because this Kiwi green individual hasn't had the life experience as an older individual (and is writing for the masses on a global level), it doesn't make that much sense to hand the brand megaphone to a rookie and have them amplify words on a global scale.  At least that's my honest opinion. 

Campaign strategy is the most important aspect of a program in that it provides a roadmap for optimal engagement. Understanding and responding to the needs and wants of a particular audience persona is pivotal. You can't just slap up a photo with a hashtag and call it a day. Everything needs to point back to key brand differentiators, brand messaging, and consistency across multiple platforms. Voice needs to be cohesive, not just in the post composition, but also in responding to posts made by others and engaging with like-minded businesses and groups. 

The everchanging landscape of social is an important part of an integrated marketing program that serves to reinforce company positioning, mission, and overarching objectives. If you don't know why you're on social platforms, chances are that you should be there at all. And with Facebook shifting to a paid model in order to cut through the noise, it's important to understand how new media dollars are spent and measured. 

The metrics of a successful social presence vary. In 2020, buy now may mean bye now to many. It's time to put bravado aside. Instead, storytelling—good storytelling is bubbling to the top. People are thirsty for human interaction and communication. Remaining authentic is still key as is capturing hearts and minds, fans, and followers. Now more than ever, it's time to get creative about the messaging that is pushed out. And guess what? Video is the winner here due to its highly consumable nature on mobile. If video isn't part of your social strategy in 2020/21, you may not be optimizing all the tools in your toolbox effectively. As for KPIs and ROIs - Yes, they are important but perhaps not as important as having the right compassionate and sympathetic voice in our complex world.

What I offer:

  • Social Audit of Digital Footprint

  • Platform-specific Recommendations

  • Strategy & Editorial Calendar Planning

  • On-brand Profile Optimization

  • Original Graphics/Photography

  • Video Strategy & Management (with partner company)

  • Multi-Channel Content Creation

  • Scheduling/Publishing

  • Asset Archival

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Social Listening

  • Community Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Ongoing Competitive Landscape Reporting

  • Mobilizing Employees as Social Brand Ambassadors

  • Identifying Potential Influencers

  • Participation in Groups

  • Basic Reputation Management (responding to posts)

  • Hashtag Monitoring/Keyword Monitoring

  • Analytics and Reporting

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