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Print & Digital Ad Campaigns

A great ad campaign is the best storytelling vehicle ever invented. Whether print or broadcast, the story needs to be terse, easily understood, and most importantly it needs to prompt action of some sort. 

The issue is, well, it's a noisy world. It's harder to garner eyeballs (the right eyeballs) and bolster brand awareness. And since we're we've all been pushed into the digital age (some of us kicking and screaming), smart marketers and content creators need to work in concert to tell compelling narratives.


This can take traditional forms such as print ad campaigns, billboards, bus-shelters, TV commercials and radio spots (one-way communication) or it can take the form of digital advertising which can be two- way such as in the way a boosted post leverages more traction. 

To me, it's a constant paid, owned, earned, and borrowed mix of ad strategies that win the race. Every digital ad and print ad — every piece of direct mail and email blast needs to be consistent and underscore the mission and brand ethos of the company/product/event.

I love brainstorming ad concepts—big idea thinking that can evoke a powerful feeling, spur curiosity while also being sensitive to the times that we're presently living in, and the voice that is sensitive to how our world has changed. 

I have spent 15 years in a traditional ad agency and another10 working internally for large companies. My background in traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing bode well when thinking advertising, advertorials, and PR ideation.

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