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Marketing Plans &
Slide Deck Presentations

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Marketing Plans

The time of shooting from the hip is over. These days, you really do need to have a healthy and diverse mix of online and offline communication touchpoints in order to garner awareness from your target market/s. A smart marketing plan should dovetail into an overarching business plan.It's created based on budget, timing and commitment. Yes. Commitment. Megabrands don't happen overnight. it takes time (at least 6 months in SEO land) and possibly more depending on your organization's complexity. Together we'll uncover seven essential components:

  • Market research

  • Target Market/s

  • Positioning

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Recommended print and digital marketing deliverables 

  • Budget

  • Metrics 

If you wrote your 2022 Marketing Plan in 2019, might as well test out that paper shredder you just purchased. The COVID-19 pandemic has made smart CMOs rethink marketing plans and allocated dollars. I can help you determine the best way to garner awareness in the age of a global crisis. Key messaging is different. Selling is different and even KPIs have shifted.

Slide Deck Presentations

I'm a geek at heart. I actually love making presentations that are on-brand. This includes coaching on flow, cadence, and overarching themes/drivers. I'm proficient in both PPT and Keynote. I can also include speaker notes if you wish! 

Now it's more important than ever to create compelling slide presentations (especially if you're sharing your screen). Giving a webinar, a virtual talk, or a company-wide report? I've got your back. Together we'll craft an on-brand presentation that will keep everyone awake and engaged. I promise.

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