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Email Campaign Design, Content, Deployment & Reporting

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Email marketing is one of those things that everyone loves and loathes. Business owners love the ROI and personalized, one-to-one, permission-based outreach, but loathe creating the emails, testing them, and tracking them over a period of time.I get it. You can't become a master at email creation by viewing a couple of YouTube tutorials. There's a science to it with regard to database segmentation, informational hierarchy/layout, word choice, frequency and time of day deployment, and overall consistency. But who has the time!?!?!

I do. I can help you create a specific cadence that dovetails into your business peaks and valleys. Together we can create newsletters and promotional dedicated blasts that make sense with regard to the ebb and flow of your business's selling cycle.

I don't know about you, but if a subject line doesn't speak to me then it gets deleted faster than you can say "I love Jersey blueberries."


I am proficient in the following e-client platforms:


  • Constant Contact

  • MailChimp

  • SendGrid

  • SharpSpring

  • Klayvio

Let's have a "blast" together!

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