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So, what exactly is juicy content?

So what the heck is thumb-stopping storytelling?

Juicy means entertaining, exciting, and bodacious. Basically juicy content is prose that is well-structured and written with firepower so that it can easily engage a specific audience. You can also say that juicy content simply means to offer relevant, authentic, and engaging narritive which leads to more eyeballs and more business. In short, it's an image, a video, a compelling statement that piques your interest enough to want to learn more.

In this digital age, it means stumbling on a social post that evokes a personal connection, moves you, or makes you think a certain way. It gets your thumb to stop scrolling your feed - period.

This is the goal not only on social platforms but also on other forms of content as well. What stops my thumb? Something that truly adds value and speaks to my heart in a fresh and novel way. 

According to,  Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, and its accessibility through multiple mobile apps as well as its mobile website plays a large part in its success. In April 2020, over 98 percent of active user accounts worldwide accessed the social network via any kind of mobile phone.

It's my job to spark something in the hearts and minds of your potential customers or your current clients with compelling words, imagery, and originality that respects frameworks yet pushes the creative envelope. It short, I'll work with you to optimize your messaging across many different digital platforms to strengthen your positioning and your fan base. I believe that people everywhere are interested in laughing, smiling, and being entertained. That's why my mission as a writer is to bolster happiness through meaningful connections.


The main mission of Juicy Content is to assist clients in optimizing traditional and digital marketing messaging. The process starts with a sound strategy or concept, moves onto an iteration phase (collaboratively). Finally, I deliver polished, flawless, and meaningful tactical executions. Juicy Content services organizations of all sizes with overall brand messaging and voice by providing consistent and cohesive communications from print too pixel. Specifically, Juicy Content provides: 

  • Strategy/Brand Discovery & Concept Development

  • Marketing Plans & Slide Deck Presentations

  • Website & Blog Content 

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Campaign Design, Content & Deployment

  • Print & Digital Ad Campaign Development 

  • Miscellaneous ad hoc copywriting services which include, but are not limited to: print collateral materials, direct mail, speech writing, video script storyboarding, internal communications, product/event/company naming & tagline creation, survey drafting, broadcast commercials (radio/TV) and jingles, e-books, white papers, and custom infographics.

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